Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims94-18

N. I. Chernov & S. Troubetzkoy
Measures with Infinite Lyapunov Exponents for the Periodic Lorentz Gas

Abstract: In \cite{Ch91a} it was shown that the billiard ball map for the periodic Lorentz gas has infinite topological entropy. In this article we study the set of points with infinite Lyapunov exponents. Using the cell structure developed in \cite{BSC90,Ku} we construct an ergodic invariant probability measure with infinite topological entropy supported on this set. Since the topological entropy is infinite this is a measure of maximal entropy. From the construction it is clear that there many such measures can coexist on a single component of topological transitivity. We also construct an ergodic invariant probability measure with finite entropy which is supported on this set showing that infinite exponents do not necessarily lead to infinite entropy.
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