Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims90-3

J. J. P. Veerman and F. M. Tangerman
On Aubry Mather Sets

Abstract: Let f be a two dimensional area preserving twist map. For each irrational rotation number in a certain (non trivial) interval, there is an f-invariant minimal set which preserves order with respect to that rotation number. For large nonlinearity these sets are, typically, Cantor sets and they are referred to as Aubry Mather sets. We prove that under csome assumptions these sets are ordered vertically according to ascending rotation number ("Monotonicity"). Furthermore, if f statisfies certain conditions, the right hand points of the gaps in an irrational Cantor set lie on a single orbit ("Single Gap") and diffusion through these Aubry Mather sets can be understood as a limit of resonance overlaps (Convergence of Turnstiles). These conditions essentially establish the existence of a hyperbolic structure and limit the number of homoclinic minimizing orbits. Some other results along similar lines are given, such as the continuity at irrational rotation numbers of the Lyapunov exponent on Aubry Mather sets.
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