Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims12-05

Marco Martens, Björn Winckler
On the Hyperbolicity of Lorenz Renormalization

Abstract: We consider infinitely renormalizable Lorenz maps with real critical exponent $\alpha>1$ and combinatorial type which is monotone and satisfies a long return condition. For these combinatorial types we prove the existence of periodic points of the renormalization operator, and that each map in the limit set of renormalization has an associated unstable manifold. An unstable manifold defines a family of Lorenz maps and we prove that each infinitely renormalizable combinatorial type (satisfying the above conditions) has a unique representative within such a family. We also prove that each infinitely renormalizable map has no wandering intervals and that the closure of the forward orbits of its critical values is a Cantor attractor of measure zero.

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