Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims07-03

Pierre Berger
Persistence of stratification of normally expanded laminations

Abstract: This manuscript complements the Hirsch-Pugh-Shub (HPS) theory on persistence of normally hyperbolic laminations and the theorem of Robinson on the structural stability of diffeomorphisms that satisfy Axiom A and the strong transversality condition (SA).We generalize these results by introducing a geometric object: the stratification of laminations. It is a stratification whose strata are laminations. Our main theorem implies the persistence of some stratifications whose strata are normally expanded. The dynamics is a $C^r$-endomorphism of a manifold (which is possibly not invertible). The persistence means that for any $C^r$-perturbation of the dynamics, there exists a close $C^r$-stratification preserved by the perturbation. This theorem in its elementary statement (the stratification is constituted by a unique stratum) gives the persistence of normally expanded laminations by endomorphisms, generalizing HPS theory. Another application of this theorem is the persistence, as stratifications, of submanifolds with boundary or corners normally expanded. Moreover, we remark that SA diffeomorphism gives a canonical stratifications: the stratification whose strata are the stable sets of basic pieces of the spectral decomposition. Our Main theorem then implies the persistence of some ``normally SA'' laminations which are not normally hyperbolic.
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