Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims06-02

A. Epstein, V. Markovic, D. Saric
Extremal maps of the universal hyperbolic solenoid

Abstract: We show that the set of points in the Teichmuller space of the universal hyperbolic solenoid which do not have a Teichmuller extremal representative is generic (that is, its complement is the set of the first kind in the sense of Baire). This is in sharp contrast with the Teichmuller space of a Riemann surface where at least an open, dense subset has Teichmuller extremal representatives. In addition, we provide a sufficient criteria for the existence of Teichmuller extremal representatives in the given homotopy class. These results indicate that there is an interesting theory of extremal (and uniquely extremal) quasiconformal mappings on hyperbolic solenoids.
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