Administrative nonsense

Start   Can you hear me all right? Yes?
Ok, all right, so this is MAT132, probably you know that.
If you don't , then you couldn't listen (laughs in audience).
Calculus II, and what that means is that you should already be extremely familiar with derivatives and all of their aspects, and somewhat familiar with integration.
0:31You should know what an integral is, you should be able to do an integration by substitution, but don't necessarily need to know the more advanced techniques or the applications of integration, and stuff like that.
I know this is hard to see on the rear, hard to see because ... So, what we do in this class is all sorts of stuff about integration.
1:05So, I will do a very very, very quick review of what is integration, how to do it, that sort of things.
If you haven't studied any integration, then you are probably screwed and you belong in a different class, or you need to be real smart, one of those two things because we are
1:30only going to spend about two, maybe three classes reviewing what is an integral, and how to do basic integration.
Then, we will slow down and we will focus on techniques of integration.
These are things like integration by parts, and trig substitutions, partial fractions, stuff like that.
2:03Actually, so, stuff like that, and applications which are things like volumes, arc lenghts,
2:37and maybe polar coordinates, stuff like that.
That would take us through, you can look on the schedule and see, that would take us through the first exam, which is on the tenth of october, no sorry, on the sixth of october.
After that we will seem to change tracks and we will talk about infinite series and, since
3:11maybe most of you dont even know what that is -- I will put that aside for now and we will finish up talking about differential equations.
We wont do a serious in-depth study of differential equations.
3:33That is reserved for Calculus 4, or mat303, 305, 308, one of those courses, or ams361; anyway that is reserved for another course which is later, but we will do a little bit of differential equations, so you get an idea of what differential equations are about and youd be able to use it in any of the different courses.
4:00Probably the majority of you will not take a follow-up differential equations course, Um, the number of people who take calculus 2 is about eight times the number of people who takes a differential equations course, so if you are an engineer, then for sure you will take differential equations.
If you are pre-med, probably not.
Um, Let me ask, so that is what we are gonna do.
If you know all that stuff, you don't belong in this class,
4:33and if you don't know differentiation, you don't belong in this class.
(and we kinda sortof...whatever) So, how many of you, I just wanna get a sense, are freshmen?
Ok, Let me ask a different question, how many of you are not freshmen?
Ok, of those of you that are not freshmen, how many of you took mat131 here?
A couple, how many took ams151? Zero, ok.
5:01Allright, so most of you are freshman, so you probably are not quite familiar with stony brook and how we work things.
Um, one thing that is confusing, complicated, so before I start doing math, I want to talk about the structure of the class and what we're doing and so on.
You may have noticed that I set up some cameras in the back.
So the university has this system where they can make courses available online.
5:33They film the lectures, this is done in say biology and chemistry courses and so on.
It doesn't work well for math because you can't really see the chalk board and this room is not equipped with the facility to record what's called an echo 360 or SB capture.
On the other hand, I think it is worth having the lectures available.
There is another lecturer of this class that meets Monday, Wednesdays at 5:20, um, which we'll do the same material.
6:03I'm not giving it, but my colleague and I work closely together.
If for some reason you sleep late, you miss this lecture, you can go to her lecture It is in the engineering building, we're going to cover the same stuff.
Well, since we meet three times a week and they meet twice a week in the same week, we will cover the same material pretty much, but obviously we can't do exactly the same stuff in both lectures.
Um, but you can go to either one provided that you get in the room, um, or you can watch
6:35these online, uh, once I make them put them up.
So at least we'll start appearing on the web page probably towards the end of the week, maybe early next week.
Uh, OK, Um, let's see the many of you, some of you may have gotten into blackboard in order to
7:01get to the class page, maybe you havent been to blackboard yet.
Um, I don't actually use blackboard directly.
I Only use it indirectly.
This webpage is certainly accessible without logging into blackboard.
By going to the math website, you can go to the math department, calculus, mat132, that
7:35should be enough.
Um, of course you log into blackboard and just follow it from there too because either way this webpage, as you noticed, I put already on that page, a link to it, but there's this, this, this one here, this schedule and homework assignments.
8:01I will update this as we go so that if we fall behind or get ahead, I will change what we're covering when, but listed there is what we do each week because one of the classes is two days a week, one of the classes three days a week.
And then as I make them I will list the homework assignments and when they're due and there's other stuff like we have a mid-term on this day and so on.
So you should look at this at least once a week and we'll say more about it in just a second
8:33Uh, so I guess I should say something about the exams and junk like that.
So there are two mid-terms and one important thing that is not obvious especially if you're new to Stony Brook.
They are at night.
They are at 8:30 PM and they are on a Thursday, October sixth and Wednesday, November second.
9:07So that's the Thursday night and Wednesday and there is a Final which is on December 19th at 8:15 PM.
So this is also a essentially at the same time, on December 19th and then there's homeworks.
9:40So there's, these are the things that you will be graded on.
I'll say more about them in a second, but your grade will be based in almost entirely not completely but by a huge amount on your performance on the exams and final.
But the homework will count for part of it.
The clickers, which we will talk about this will count for part of it, but it is critical
10:06to be able to be available at these times.
So if you work at night or you live in New Jersey or something, live in New Jersey and don't have a dorm, so you have a very long commute, nobody's doing that right?
I had a student who tried to do that at one time, but didn't work very well.
You have to make sure that you're available on those days.
10:33I Don't do makeups, so if you miss it, that sad, if you miss it because you're hit by a truck and were in the hospital, you can probably document that.
And in that case, I will drop that exam, and count everything else more heavily.
But because you were hit by a truck and spend the rest of the semester in the hospital, you probably want to withdraw from the course anyway.
That makes sense, right?
11:01So, there are, but if you miss the exam because the Doctor Who is a new Doctor Who episode and you just had to watch that or whatever, too bad.
So if you miss the exam for reasons beyond your control, like an illness, I can take account for it. If because you were feeling tired, too bad, you get a zero.
uh, the homework's, um, So I guess these are.
11:31So all of this stuff that I'm saying, it's detailed on this course description page, um, I'm gonna say something about the text in a minute, but these guys are 25 percent each This guy is 35 percent.
Homework is 10 percent, and the clicker and participation are five percent.
12:01So, of your grade, 85 percent of it comes from these things that happen at night.
And then the remaining 15 percent, its the homework, don't think just because homework "oh the homework is only 10 percent, what the heck, I'll blow it off, it wont matter" you can't a get away with doing that unless you already know all the material in the class anyway, which you can do, but then why are here?
12:30Um, you cannot succeed in this class without doing the homework, not because of the grading issue, but because you won't be able to do the exams and the final exam.
You can't do math without doing homework.
You may have been able to get away with it in high school.
You will not be able to get away with that in college unless you are amazingly smart.
I haven't met anybody who can do that without doing problems.
13:00Um, so it's important to do the homework.
Let me say a few points about the homework.
Well, let me say some things about the homework first.
The homework comes in two parts.
There's something online using a system called webassign and then there will be most weeks one or two problems that you will write in paper and submit to your TA in your recitation.
13:33Um, webassign problems, they will be more of them.
They will typically be 15 to 20 a week They are all due on Wednesday mornings.
Um, don't think that you need to get up early on Wednesday to do you homework.
That means make sure you finish it before you go to sleep tuesday night.
If you don't go to sleep Tuesday night.
Well then make sure you finish it before, I don't even tell you what time is due, because it is morning.
14:06Morning is a bad time for many people--its a bad time for me.
And so do it before Wednesday morning.
I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend that you begin it well in advance -- you can print these things out and so on and do the problems.
So I will go through a little bit about that in a minute.
Um, the webassign homeworks will cover the material that we talked about in lecture for the week before they are due
14:37If you do the problems.... So if it's due on Wednesday, if you do the problems two days before, it's due, you get more points So there's a bonus for each problem completed correctly.
So by Sunday night, um, the problems are graded perhaps in a funny way.
15:06you type in the answer it says right or wrong, if it says wrong, you get to type in another answer However, if you get it wrong, if you get it right the first time, you get one point for that problem If you get it wrong the first time, but get it right the second time, you get half a point.
If you get it right the third time, you get one third of a point. If you get it right the tenth time, you get one tenth of a point.
So there is a diminishing amount of credit awarded.
15:32So it's better to answer the question once you've worked it out, rather than just make guess.
Um now, I said, well, but you get a bonus on the, whatever I said, OK, if you have,
16:00well, if you have it.
So what I recommend to do is look at all the problems during the week in which they are assigned.
they will always be available for at least one week for about 10 days.
Um, so I would suggest that you look at the problems.
Now, don't necessarily do them now, but you know, go to Webassign, look at the problems that are due next Wednesday saying, oh, I can do that, I can do that, oh, I don't know how to do that.
16:33And then those ones that you don't know how to do, get help on them.
Yeah. (Student asking a question about having already done the assignment and putting in wrong answers). That was really a dumb thing to do.
Ok, Uh, well if you've already done that, you've already blown it.
You already got three points on the assignment out of the twenty?
You've got a lot wrong. (student replies)
17:01OK, well then you don't get much points for that one question.
So these questions are over one point, there will be around 250 questions or 200 questions over the course of the semester and total that 200 points or so is worth about 7 percent of the grade So getting one question wrong is not the end of the world, getting even a zero in one assignment is not the end of the world.
17:38Um, so the point of the homework is for you to learn how to do the problems.
when you are learning you will make mistakes.
When you were learning to ride a bicycle, you fell down a lot before you've mastered that.
When you were learning to drive a car, you probably, maybe you crashed into a few things
18:01or you at least drove funny at the beginning.
Um, learning, part of Learning is making mistakes. It's OK to make mistakes.
The reason for the penalty there is to stop you from guessing because I tried doing this for several years now with the online homework and found that if you just let people guess... I mean obviously I'm going to give you several tries, some advantages, but also if you just
18:31guess you won't invest any effort into doing, we'll just say, oh, it looks like three.
Note, it wasn't three days. Oh, maybe it's four, no, you know, I want you think about it before you do it.
So the fact that you lost few points here and there its not a big deal.
If you completely trashed your assignment, you can ask about um, there is a facility, there is a facility in webassign is a button that says "Ask Your Teacher".
19:02So if you're doing a problem and you think it's right.
So there are a few subtleties in there that you can ask for.
"you know, something's wrong with this. I know it's right but it says it's wrong. Please fix my grade." That goes to me and goes to your TA.
That goes to the other instructors, goes to several people that can respond.
Keep in mind that we are not sitting on webassign 24/7 and if you ask a question.
19:30and somebody doesn't answer in an hour. Well, you're just being impatient.
Maybe you'll get an immediate answer, most likely it will take some time.
So that's another reason for doing your assignment early.
Um, another comment about webassign you have to pay for Webassign, uh, Ill discuss the paying in a minute.
If you haven't paid for it. You get to use it for two weeks from monday without paying for it. But after that it says no.
20:01So when you first log in, it will say, hey, you want to pay, I strongly recommend you wait to pay until a little later, just in case you decide that this class is not for you. You wanna do something else, um, yeah Let me say something about the textbooks and how many people have purchased the textbook already?
um, too bad, how many people have not purchased the textbook?
Um, so let me say a few words about the textbook.
20:36The bookstore is charging an exorbitant amount of money for the textbook around $190.
I think that's crazy because they pay about $120 for it, but that's what they're doing.
Um, I have made arrangements.
So those of you that haven't with the publisher, they have about 300 copies that they will sell you
21:01for $142 if you buy it online, maybe $145 so you can buy the text online from the publisher, I put a link on the website. It only went up there.
So this link is the publisher here takes you to a publisher's website where you can buy the textbooks for $142 plus tax.
But I think not shipping, um, that includes webassign access that's way cheaper than the bookstore, thats like $50 cheaper than the bookstore.
21:38So that's one option.
Another option, if you don't actually feel you need to have a paper copy. Yes?
(student asking a question) No, so the book may look like this, it may have a picture of the earth on it.
If it has picture of the earth on it, That's the stony brook edition to this.
22:01If it looks Like this.
This is the edition that every other university that's using this book uses. The only difference between them is this part here, the cover.
The reason that we have a special stony brook edition Its because we made a deal with the publisher that they were going to charge less.
The problem is that Barnes and noble decided that well, we're paying less, good more profit for us So originally when we made the this deal, we want the students to be able to get the cheaper
22:35Unfortunately, Um, I'm not happy with the bookstore maybe you can tell.
Um, OK. So that's one option.
Another option, you don't have to buy the textbook at all if don't want to Um, you do have to get access to webassign, however, the webassign has an electronic copy of textbook available to it Inside
23:03You have to pay extra, but for $75 you can get webassign plus an electronic text.
Um, another option you could buy webassign without the textbook for $47.
And you can buy the third edition of the textbook, which is almost the same as the fourth edition.
Used copies from the third edition are available for like $5.
23:31So I know for a lot of people money is an issue and I try to be sensitive to that. Um, I don't know. Is there anything else about the texts?
I tried to give you all of the options and it's a little confusing because there are many, but you already dropped to $200 for it.
the webassign access comes in a couple of flavors.
24:00One flavor is for one semester only, which is all we all need unless you decide not to pass this class.
Um, but the one that comes bundle with the textbook is multi-semester access because the textbook is the same textbook for mat125, 126, 127, 131, and 132.
Um, so the little card that came with your textbook is actually many semesters worth of access.
24:33The $47 thing, one semester's worth of access, I think. And that also comes with an electronic text.
So the little card that came with a is an electronic text plus many semester access.
mat127 uses the same textbook and I don't think they're using webassign, so if you have a friend who is taking mat127 Maybe they can give you or sell you cheap their webassign card, or whatever.
25:02Any questions about textbooks or stuff like that?
Yeah, Student: "If I have another class with the same exam times" You will not have another class with the same exam times.
If you do, have that professor contact me and I will slap him upside the head (laughs).
There are occasionally a few things. So, the University has this evening exam business for 25 years.
25:33And these exams, I mean there's a bunch of other classes that have exams at this time, but they are all calculus classes.
So if for some reason you were also taking mat131 at the same time as 132.
It's a dumb thing to do because your exams are at the same time and you will be kind of screwed.
But the only exams which should be given at that time at this university are Calculus exams,
26:00um, there's another, you might have a chemistry exam, for example, have an evening physics exam, It's a different day.
So once in a while it occurs that you're on a sports team and they happen to be going to Florida that day. We can work those kinds of things out.
Also, if you are registered for, if you have a disability, contact disability support services,
26:33if you wont be taking the exam in the regular place, contact them, they'll contact me, we'll make arrangements.
Um, for the most part, you should not have another exam.
You may have another class.
and if your instructor is such that he will not let you miss the class in order to attend the exam, he is being jerk, but have him contact me.
Yeah, Student: "Does the webassing comes with multiple access or do you have you buy separately for each class?"
27:07It works for every class that uses this textbook, which is calculus. And that's it.
So if you were in mat131, then the webassign will work for mat131 or mat132, but if physics is also using webassign.
You have to buy separate access for theirs.
27:33So it's tied to the textbook.
I don't know if they have some kind of a deal. I dont think so.
Other questions related to that?
(Student asking a question) This is the fourth edition of the concepts version.It has buildings on the cover.
You may or may not believe that a building, but it's building, or the third edition of the concepts. I'm OK with that.
That one has more clearly a building (this is I think the Disney center and the other one is in Spain I think. Or the Stony Brook edition has people going up a staircase). The other Stewart Book has violins on the cover.
28:21You don't want that one. Can I see it? No, I think that's the other.
That is the early transcedentals.
28:34There are complications related to that book. The order of that book is a little different.
Things aren't going to quite correspond.
Uh, yeah. Uh, that shouldn't have a violin on the cover I dont understand, doesnt matter, first edition has violins on the cover.
Anyway, There's also an international, I didn't say there is also an international edition of this textbook. It's about $75 in paper.
29:02OK. Other questions about the text or webassign?
Yeah, that's the correct one.
So can I hold that up? So this is the one I didn't bring.
The one that you would get in the bookstore.
Um, OK. There will also be this paper homework, there's no paper homework due next week.
29:32One will appear next time.
You will have recitation where you'll meet with your TA.
How many of you have not yet met with your TA?
Probably about half, oh, more than half.
The paper homework will be due at the second recitation, which will be either Thursday or Friday.
Um, um, the clickers! so I'm also going to be using not today, but I'm also going to be using clickers in this class.
30:03Um, you don't have to buy one.
You have so many other classes that still also used them. For example, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, psych.
I'm not sure. What else? Several other big lecture classes use them.
Um, so if you bought them.
30:30So they're not the same clicker that we used last year, but most of you weren't here last year, so it doesn't matter.
I saw somebody with one, well, anyway, they're white.
They're from turning technologies, the bookstore is selling them for about $50. maybe $60.
They have a mailing coupon for 15. Um, and then there are a lot of them for like 20 or something like that.
So if you need it for another class for sure, Get it.
31:01how many people have the clicker already?
OK most of you.
So for those of you that do not have a clicker, but you do have a smartphone or a laptop or or an ipod touch or an ipad or a samsung tablet or anything that you get in this room, I will also, when I asked clicker questions, I will also allow you to answer via web page.
You cannot share your clickers and you cannot share your smartphone.
31:33That is if the two of you are both using a smartphone to answer the clickers, you both have to have separate devices because I will look at the IP address where you come in from.
and if two different guys answer with the same clicker then I'll think it's the same guy.
So you can't share them.
I won't use clickers this time. But I will use them next time.
So bring them to class, So, the clicker questions will go into this 5 percent as well as your participation in recitations and so on.
32:09Yeah (Student asking) Ok I'll do it when I do it, when I ask a clicker question, I mean it's just going to be this webpage. It's this webpage.
I haven't yet put a link to it, but there will be a link on this webpage that says Clicker
32:31or something about clickers, but it says there is not a question for you to answer right now But, when there is a question for you to answer right now, it will say what's your ID number and is your answer a, b, c, d, e or f?
That's it. Since it's fairly simple, I wont write such a thing.
Um, so, uh, is there anything else I need to cover?
33:08Oh yes.
(Student asking) So the clickers, you can register on blackboard. You can use the clicker for multiple classes.
Obviously I don't think that if you have a friend who is in the 5:20 lecture, you can share
33:31but if your roommate is taking physics and you're taking not taking physics, you can probably use your roommate's clicker.
You can also register multiple clickers for, well, If you lose your clicker and get another one.
You can register and fix it up. But you may need to tell me about that.
Any other questions about administrative stuff oh I guess office hours.
34:01Um, so there are multiple people teaching this class and multiple people teaching recitations of this class It is not absolutely huge, but there's about nine of us.
So there are nine of us who are instructors in one capacity or another.
You can go to any of us for help.
Our office hours are not yet posted.
34:30Also, I don't, I haven't actually figured out the offices of these people I will fill them in.
We each will require to hold at least three office hours a week.
They will not be the same three office hours.
Um, I will tell you what mine are very soon once I know all my other obligations and once I know these other people office hours, I'll put them up there.
again, you can go to any of them.
35:01These guys guys, some of them are women, but these folks have two office hours in the math learning center.
The math learning center is a drop in tutoring place in the basement of the math building.
It is open something like 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Monday through Thursday, and then also maybe not generally something like 10 to 10, Monday through Thursday.
35:30And then Friday closes around 3 or so.
There are usually between one and five tutors there.
You just go in there and you say, hey, I need help.
And then somebody answers your question... Oh, you need to be a little patient.
It gets busy, especially right before the exam.
They also will have, these people will also have another office hour, not in the math learning center.
36:00I will have at least two office hours in my own office and one, not in the math learning center, but in the undergraduate office of the math building.
And, you can come to any or all of those.
If you can't make it to the office hours, you can also make an appointment.
But, the office hours are when we are supposed to be available to show up.
If you can't show up at those times and you want to see me in different times and say,
36:33can I see you Monday at three?
I'll say I have something at three, how about monday at four?
OK, good, I wont say exactly that.
Other questions about getting help.
(Student asking) The math building is, well if we could go through this wall right there, my office
37:04and if I can point through the wall its right there, the math learning center at the, I have to point through the wall and through the ground, and it's right there.
Most of these people offices are in the math tower, I think there may be a couple in this building which is over there.
Other questions?
37:32(Student asking) ok, So to log on webassing for the next week and a half, you can either go into blackboard and pull down tools and click from there or you can get to this page and click on the link.
Get to the home page.
It says homework one webassign it logs you into blackboard if you're already logged into blackboard
38:03Oh, um...what's my password.
OK, so this takes you into webassign.
You'll see something that would look more like this.
So the first thing it says is, hey, you didn't pay, you wanna pay? and you can say, no well
38:32I have more free days and I'm not going to pay right now.
If you do have a card and you want to put in the card, you click on this button that says enter your access code, your card says this is your access code.
So, when you get sick of seeing this, hey, you didn't pay, then put in your number sometime within the next 11 days.
Um, so you get something that looks like this, shows you a picture of the text book.
39:01There's the homework here, click on the homework assignment.
And so this is the homework.
Did I click on the homework? Ops, I clicked way too many times... And so this is the homework assignment. There are some problems. So I'm not even going to read the problem.
39:30I'm just going to randomly put in some numbers and I'm going to say, OK, that's my answer is going to get me red Xes that say NO.
Then I fixed that and eventually I will get a green check.
That's right. Yeah.
Um, the number of points that I get from that problem shows up here.
It will go down as I entered the answer wrong until zero.
It will not go up until I answer a correct answer.
40:03Um, there are also things here, like there's this watch it, it pops up a little video of somebody doing a problem very similar. read it.
If you have an online textbook tasting section of the text about, um, you can do these things, you know, there's twenty-some problems here.
I would say what I recommend that you, most of you do is, uh, somewhere there's a click,
40:34click the print button, and print it out.
I mean, depends on what works for you.
The questions don't change, but not everybody gets the same questions.
So right now my question number one, as these numbers 8.7, 7.9, 6.7... if you pull up yours, you may have different questions.
So if you say, well, my friend says the right answer was 7.6 and I put in 7.6 and it says
41:05wrong probably because you have a different question think about doing the problem instead another thing that, uh, so many of the problems there are symbolic answers and if you click on it and a little palette like this comes up, it means the answer may involve something like pi, or maybe a formula, and we can enter by the palette or you can enter it by syntax.
41:39A couple of things I want to impress upon you 1/3 and 0.333 and many threes as you want are not the same, 0.333 is not 1/3, It is close to 1/3 but it is not 1/3.
Pi is not 3.1415, it is Pi!
42:01So if an question, unless it says, give your answer to three decimal places, ALWAYS give the exact answer.
If the answer is 1/3, you enter that as one divided by three, do not enter it as 0.333 If the answer is pi, you enter the pi symbol which you can pull out from there or you can type pi because pi is not 3.14 pi, is an irrational number
42:32I can start telling you things about it but eventually I will either have to stop or... So all of these answers are, unless it says otherwise, are exact, um, I Guess we are fine right?
We go until 10:30, the next class is at 10:40.
Sorry, takes me a while to remember what the times are.
Um, I was actually gonna do some math today, but, other questions?
43:04Yes, (student asking) probably not yet, um, if you want to send me an email or the other.
So I will sync the roster on a fairly often, but it's tedious because I have to go in and click, click, click, like ten times.
43:40If you send me an email, I'll do it saying tell me your name, tell me your ID number, tell me what recitation you are in Other question?
(student asking) That's correct.
Which unfortunately, so actually probably I will extend it until Friday, which means
44:09you have to do it by Wednesday to get bonus because we kinda lost a class on friday.
In general, they are going to be due on Wednesday.
So the following one will still be on Wednesday unless we have another (unintelligible).
Um, so. So the idea.
So I strongly, strongly, strongly, strongly recommend that you print out your webassing
44:33or at least read it before you go to recitation.
Especially for those of you that have Monday-Friday recitation.
You will not see your TA before these things are due.
That means you dont get to ask him questions.
This one is on everything on this is something you should already know.
I will review it, but it's something you should already know.
This assignment is on definition of the integral, that is finding areas and stuff like that.
45:03The Fundamental Theorem Calculus which is the thing that says that the integral of the derivative is the original function and the derivative of the integral is the original function.
Uh, and couple of straightforward integration by substitution.
So, this homework assignment, there shouldn't be anything new to you.
I'm trying to think if there's other questions I suggest though that you look at it.
45:37if you have any questions you use your meeting with your TA to answer those questions.
Um, I will review them, but it's supposed to be review.
So you should be be able to do this problems already.
Other questions?
46:03How many chances?
I think 10 for each one.
After 10, You're getting less than a tenth of a point.
So I think I set it to ten.
More chances than you should need.
(student asking) Ok, you can do it that way.
It's more that each time you enter a wrong answer you don't get any points.
46:34But if you try several times you get fewer points than if you do it right the first time.
It doesn't take points away but you start with zero points. It won't give you negative points.
Other questions?
yes, I'm sorry, (student asking) not the recitations are not canceled for this week.
This is a persistent but false rumor.
47:02The recitations meet.
Sometimes they meet and say "Hey, I'm your TA, see you next time" (laughs), but you should go.
Other questions?
OK, I will see you on friday morning.